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Health and beauty - mind, body and spirit

Marguerite’s passion is to help her clients through holistic health and massage therapy. She continues to study and stay abreast of healing therapies since she graduated from Soma Institute in 2011. She recently became a Certified CBD Specialist, along with already being a Certified Herbalist.

Clients appreciate her personal touch in all her treatments and the knowledge she loves to share each time they come for massage treatment or for other treatments, such as the ZYTO Compass Scan and Herbal health consultation, Ear Candling and other spa treatments. She is known as “Momsherbs” from her popular blog - and the education she shares on herbal health and Aromatherapy.

Her husband, family, God and her Holistic health business are her true passions, along with being a creative, visual artist. She has a degree in Graphic Design also, from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Marguerite C. Wright, LMT

Call or text: 708-232-8970

Customer testimonies:

"Marguerite is a lovely woman and wonderful Therapist." - JD


Why us?

We offer therapies for holistic health, beauty and stress management.

At the holistic spa in Homewood, Illinois you can receive great: 

- Massage treatments

- Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

- Herbal body wraps

- ZYTO Compass Scans

- CBD oil

- Weight loss & detox programs

- Herbal programs

We offer vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, colon cleansing and essential oils through Nature Sunshine products.

Full Spectrum CBD oil from

Healthy Place Botanicals.

Body wraps and skin care by It Works.

We are able to put together a personalized health program for you after you receive your scan.

Schedule online at link below: